About Company

Our experience

Agrion Overseas delivers exceptional fresh fruit products from orchard to our international retailers according to requirements specified by our international retail partners. So far we have exported our fruit products to Germany, Netherlands and Russia.

Service to our Customers

Our Innovative ideas, cutomer-focussed approach, competence, have helped us in attracting international retailers within a short span of two years. We strive hard to meet our customer's expectations about sales, marketing product quality and procurement effectively.

Our social responsibility

We provide the channel for international market to the small farmers in India. Agrion Overseas knows the diversity in India and try to use it to produce different fruit products from different regions by considering the local needs. We educate the small farmers to understand the product requirements and encourage them to produce the fruit products which would meet our customer's expectations. Our business helps small farmers to increase their income and thereby increasing the income of other people who are indirectly linked with farming.